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Genomic testing for Brown Swiss Haplotype BH14

13 Feb 2023

Livestock genomic testing leader and innovator, Genetic Visions-ST™, has developed a commercially available genomic test for a newly identified Brown Swiss Haplotype, BH14.

The Brown Swiss Breeders Association of the USA has recently acknowledged a new haplotype linked to early pregnancy loss in its carriers and has identified the need for a genomic test. The BH14 haplotype results in early pregnancy loss which can be detrimental to any dairy farmer’s operation. The oldest genotyped carrier for BH14 is VENTURES ESP BABARAY (W) born in 1978. BH14 has now been found in Brown Swiss cattle in the USA and internationally.

Being able to identify this haplotype became a high priority for STgenetics® and Genetic Visions-ST™ “The Research and Development team at Genetic Visions-ST™ used the public database sequence flanking the mutation and designed a rapid genotyping assay,” says Alan Mileham, Researcher at Genetic Visions-ST™. “The test was validated using STgenetics® Brown Swiss cattle that were determined to be normal and heterozygous for BH14 using Illumina Next Gen DNA sequencing here at Genetic Visions-ST™.”

Mileham pointed out that a Swiss study, published in 2021, identified haplotypes associated with growth, birth and fertility traits in two local Braunvieh cattle populations. The study detected both known and novel (including BH14) haplotype regions segregating at low to moderate frequencies which have a negative impact on female reproduction and pregnancy success, based on the lack of animals homozygous for the negative haplotype.

As the pioneer in genomics, Genetic Visions-ST™ offers a stand-alone test for Brown Swiss Haplotype BH14. Farmers interested in learning more about the test or arranging tests for their cattle can talk with their STgenetics® sales representative or contact Avery Kotlarczyk directly by phone at 608-662-9170 or email at

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