Genetic Visions-ST


About Us

Genetic Visions was founded in 1988 to perform livestock genotyping. After its acquisition by Sexing Technologies in 2016, Genetic Visions-ST™, LLC, was formed.


Genetic Visions-ST™ performs genotyping of production animals using DNA from hair, tissue, semen or blood. Processed genotypes are submitted to Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) for genomic evaluation, to another data center at the request of the customer or to the customer directly. The company provides genotyping for STgenetics® customers, Fast Genetics and Fast customers, GVI Direct customers and other global customers.

Genetic Visions-ST™ also conducts sequencing services for Quality Control (QC) program for semen straws. Sequences are analyzed through partnership with STgenetics® and other outside vendors to provide sequence data to customers which reports whether DNA is detected from bulls other than the one listed on the semen straw.