Genetic Visions-ST

Freemartin Testing

The freemartin test offered by Genetic Visions-ST™. A turn-around time of 7-10 business days can be expected--results will be sent by email, but can be mailed or reported over the phone.

Freemartinism is one of the most extreme forms of sexual abnormality in cattle. This condition is found in fraternal twins in cattle where an imperfect, masculinized, sterile female twin calf is born with a male. Without a simple means to test young animals for the freemartin condition, many producers discard a heifer twin to a bull shortly after birth.

This DNA based test identifies the presence of the Y chromosome. Since females are XX and males are XY, a positive Y chromosome test result for a heifer born twin to a bull indicates the freemartin condition. The number of cells containing the Y chromosome will be greatest at birth, but it is a lifelong condition that can be tested at any point.

Genetic Visions-ST™ freemartin test requires that a minimum of 2 ml of blood be placed in a tube containing an anticoagulant, i.e. EDTA (purple top). The samples do not need to be refrigerated during shipment and can be sent in a routine mailer. The only requirement is that the shipment arrives intact, so we suggest a small box with padding (paper towels, bubble wrap, etc.) to protect the sample.

Purple top tubes for blood collection can be obtained from your local vet clinic.